I think everyone reaches that point in life when they look inward and ask themselves what their future is going to look like and whether what they’re doing now is right for them. For me I’ve always had this desire to make my own future, succeeding or failing on my own merit and not part of someone else’s vision. It’s something I’ve experimented with over the years, starting several projects that I still believe to be great ideas but never fully took off for whatever reason.

I have that gut feeling that my vision is the right thing to do for me and I know I’ll look k back and regret not trying it. It’s hard to pinpoint why I feel that way but i think it’s just me wanting to be an entrepreneur, making my own moves, experimenting, learning, sharing and taking the highs and lows on the way. It’s that drive that’s led me to create Crowdsauce and in this blog I’ll be sharing my journey to starting a new business.

Sharing it all

I’ll be taking you with me on this journey, sharing what’s working, what isn’t, how and what I’m investing in and the results and feedback I’m getting along the way. It’s a pretty scary commitment to make but I know that by sharing it and being accountable it’ll help me drive the business and hopefully help other entrepreneurs make their own moves too.

A little about me

To kick us off I thought I’d tell you about me and why this ventures so scary! I started my career 11 years ago, coming out of university with a Business Economics degree and going straight into a graduate scheme with a major UK high street bank. I started in Marketing, organising direct mail and telephony campaigns to millions of people. I was loving it and the culture until the global banking crisis happened…

The company was bought out and I joined another big high street bank. Everything became very budgeted, highly regulated and a totally risk-averse with creatives stripped back to just the simple and dependable. It was all for good reason, but the job wasn’t the same.

I wanted to work on my copywriting and found a job in Internal Communications, where I found my niche in design, IT business partnering and implementing change, training and supporting people in working better together.

I’ve leaned into that, specialising in user journeys that change people and cultures for the better – that’s challenging the status quo, inspiring and training people to work collaboratively to become better, more agile, more efficient businesses. I’m a keynote speaker on the topic of social business now and have won a couple of awards and supported big businesses with their journeys – it’s not easy journeys but it sure is fun J

The importance of time

I’m still working full time for that high street bank right now and that’s a really important point in this story; everything I’m doing now is outside of work in my free time and that means it’s all totally possible for you to do too. And that’s not all I’m doing – I  also run my own award winning wedding photography business as ‘Danny T’ which I love, as well as being married with two kids at 1 and 3 which any parent will tell you is a job in of itself. My family will always be my number 1 priority, so it’s a case of working when I can to make the most progress I can. Ultimately the goal is to grow big enough to move into Crowdsauce full time and be an entrepreneur 24/7. It’s a big and scary dream, I still need to provide for the family and balancing everything is hard but I’m going to give it my best shot.

My vision for the business

I’ve had so many conversations with communications teams, community managers and people dedicated to collaborative working and there’s one thing that unites them – they need more support, more actionable approaches and ways to articulate their value and results. They’re stuck, confused by what software providers are offering and needing guidance that means something to them.

That’s my vision for Crowdsauce, a company that supports businesses on a practical level, not just theory, by inspiring, training and growing effective communities. I’ve absolutely no experience in growing a training and consulting business but I do know online marketing and I’m passionate about what I do and that for me is enough to start.

As we continue this series I’ll be sharing my strategy to grow my side-hustle, what I have in plan, everything that I’m doing, plans, tasks and progress every week and I’d love to hear your feedback. I’ll be putting the detail in my blog here and providing insights and training on my YouTube channel too so I’m going all out! I’ll also be growing our community in our Facebook group so come along and connect with me, ask questions and network with other community practitioners over there too.

It’s so great to have you on this journey and I’ll speak to you next week!