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If you grow communities, create engagement, change behaviours or collaborate, the Crowdsauce community is here to support you and your business.

How it works

Join our community on Slack to access our network of engagement professionals and community builders.

Learn from experts with fortnightly webinars and talk to directly to members via instant chat.

Ask tough questions, get answers, create action plans and drive success in your community and business.

Learn from the experts

Join webinars, discover best practice and effective use cases, learn to create engaging campaigns and find solutions.

Train & excel

Join award winning collaboration & engagement experts for fortnightly webinars to grow your expertise.

Your instant network

Meet people with the same jobs and challenges as you. Share stories, experiences, insights and approaches that really work.

Create connections

Connect with community members with instant chat & real life meetups for long lasting relationships.

Honest feedback

Ask tough questions and get real answers from industry experts & people on the front line in a vendor free, unbiased community.

Always connected

Reach the Crowdsauce community wherever you are with native apps for iOS and Android.
Everything's in sync so you can pick off where you left off.

Make plans & stick to them

We want you to succeed. Share your action plans and be held accountable, we're there to support you!

Weekly masterminds

Join community and communications experts every week for mastermind sessions that get your questions answered.

Action planning

Work with the community to set actions and be accountable, achieving goals and moving forward.

No distractions

We use Slack to cut out distractions and focus on what's important, made super fast with instant messaging.

Face to face meetups

Need to talk it over? Meet with other members face to face to make valuable connections and solid action plans.

Be more effective

Avoid groups that add no value.

Save spending on expensive conferences and cut down on support costs.

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