Conversations create engagement and a there’s no faster way to build trust, advocacy and reputation. But not everyone’s opinion is positive, so it’s important to have a strategy with deal with negative comments and learn from them to benefit your business.

Respond quickly

The most important thing for tackling negative comments is a fast response. Prioritise answering these first and establish the truth – is it a misconception? Does it require a response? Is the person frustrated and not actually answering a question?

Flip it

Turn negatives into positives. Respond openly and honestly, don’t hide comments and don’t make excuses. Treat the person’s comment as valid and think how you can make it up to them. Your biggest critic may well become your biggest advocate.

Have some personality

Share your excitement for things and be yourself. Build your own personality and online presence to make yourself a trusted advisor.

Be consistent

Share feedback, both negative and positive. Help raise awareness of known issues to pre-empt feedback and show your working on them. Respond to comments consistently on all channels, and always be constructive.

Your thoughts

What’s the most challenging comment you’ve ever had? What steps did you take to resolve it?